As a Belgian company

Exchange. The word says it all. The operations of Exchange are based on an exchange between a Belgian company and a company from one of our African focus countries. The Belgian company plays an essential role as the partner organization.

A Belgian company can offer financial support, but we see that merely as a supplement. Primarily, we want to focus on deploying staff as consultants and experts (employee engagement).

As a Belgian company you not only get a unique gateway to the African entrepreneurial world. You also contribute to a story about Corporate Social Responsibility.

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for your engagement within an Exchange growth programme, you will receive specific and interesting services:

  • The ability to motivate and deploy your employees in a unique way.
  • A concrete and clear interpretation of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Access to knowledge and support on entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The opportunity to be on the first row when it comes to market-based investments in our five focus countries with potential for economic growth.
  • You help achieve the UN's sustainable development goals.
Missies aan derden Exchange vzw

Missions to third parties

Do you need expertise yourself as a Belgian company or organisation in the South? Even then you can rely on our network of experts. Our experts can assist your company or organization with advice, but can also carry out technical assignments.

Take a look at our missions to third parties!

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