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Underneath, you will find a list of companies in the South looking for experts and possible partnerships with companies in the North.

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Sesaco fights malnutrition in Uganda with affordable food with a high nutritional value

Fight malnutrition with affordable food!

Sesaco is still looking for a suitable programme coach! Do you have experience with managing a factory and you also have a good knowledge of strategic planning, business operations, sales and marketing? Then you are the suitable candidate to fight malnutrition in Uganda together with this company!

The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) wants to professionalise the Ugandan tour operators.

Tour operators, the beating heart of Ugandan tourism

We are still looking for experts with specific qualities for this tourism program. Certain assignments can be combined with an assignment in Rwanda. Companies or organizations that would like to partner with AUTO are invited to send an email to our programme coach. Want to know more? Press the button below and read more about the program!

The Uganda Tourism and Training Uganda’s leading institution for training and educating competent workforces in tourism.

Excellent tourism for so much natural beauty

To get the digital marketing from the hotel school at point, UHTTI needs an attractive and well-integrated website. Exchange is looking for a volunteer who is willing to develop this website. Business partners who want to take on this task can also register by sending an email to:


Do you also want to contribute your part to a better world, but you don't see yourself functioning in a role as a volunteer or business partner?

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