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Exchange is determined to achieve its objectives and to ensure tangible impact at our local partner companies in Africa! A motivated and driven team in Africa and Belgium is committed every day to achieve this. However, they need financial support to achieve these goals. Your generous gift supports them in fulfilling our mission!

Benefits for you

  1. You contribute to economic growth in Africa, which in turn increases living conditions on the ground.
  2. You support us in carrying out our mission.
  3. The King Baudouin Foundation sends you a tax certificate when the sum of your donations per year is at least. € 40. With this certificate you can get back up to 60% of your gift. With a gift of € 40 you get back up to € 24 and you actually pay only € 16 yourself.

* Donation refunds will be increased from 45% to 60% until the end of 2020.

Benefits for Exchange

  1. You support our partner companies on site.
  2. Thanks to your donation, we have the means to qualitatively expand and strengthen our growth programmes.
  3. As an ambassador for Exchange, you send a strong signal that the private sector in Africa deserves the necessary attention as a means to improve living conditions locally.