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ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

After the start of a partnership between Exchange and ClinicMaster, the search for the ideal coach could start. The perfect man for this job turned out to be Frank Louwers, management consultant in the IT sector. ClinicMaster is no stranger to Frank, since he already traveled to the company in 2016 to provide assistance with their internal processes.

Wilson Kutegeka, the manager of ClinicMaster, was therefore asking himself to get Frank on board as a coach. In April 2019 Frank traveled again to Uganda, this time as a coach, which was a happy reunion between the two men!

During his first visit as a coach, Frank first and foremost focused on drawing up a solid and realistic growth plan. To do that, it was necessary for Frank to establish the improvements since his last visit in 2016 in order to determine the company's growth capabilities. After a few days of observation and consultation with all employees and management, he set to work with Wilson to draw up the program plan together.

The starter given during the feasibility study turned out to be very accurate and could, for a large part, be replicated in the growth plan. Therefore, the focus remains on the SOME-IQ plan. Moreover, three necesarry expertise needs were identified:

  1. Strategy: Expertise in the field of strategy is required to further develop the ClinicMaster business model and to make strategic choices for the medium and long term.
  2. Sales: In Uganda itself there is still a large market ready for ClinicMaster. A solid sales process should enable them to increase sales.
  3. HR: The right man / woman in the right place and with the right mechanisms to achieve good results! That will be the content of the 3rd expertise assignment.

We wish Frank and Wilson a successful and inspiring collaboration!


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