Agruni visits EcoWerf


Waste as a bridge builder


Agruni, a Rwandan company collecting waste, wants to transform garbage into energy.

What’s garbage for one is energy for another

in Rwanda

On the 15th of April Exchange coach Wouter Janssens organized a company visit for Jean-Paul Shiraniro, CEO of the Rwandan waste processing company Agruni. Jean-Paul wants to valorise the collected waste in Kigali with his company Agruni. Certain waste streams are already recycled by Agruni (paper, plastic, etc.). However, currently nothing happens with the organic waste. Wouter, with his many years of knowledge within the company EcoWerf, can certainly guide Jean-Paul well. EcoWerf, as an inter-municipal for 27 municipalities in Flemish Brabant, has a sustainable and integral waste and materials policy.

The company visit to EcoWerf was already a first eye-opener for Jean-Paul: "we visited the landfill where all garbage trucks dump the GFT waste, which is immediately sorted by machines. Wouter explained the entire composting process and the important conditions (humidity level, composition ect.) which must be met. Moreover, ripening hall with piles of compost made a big impression."

Wouter will travel to Kigali in May, to visit the existing facilities of Agruni and to see what the future possibilities are. Together with Jean-Paul, he will design a growth plan in which various expertise areas are indentified. Exchange will assist Agruni in providing this expertise. To be continued!


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