Awareness raising as a means for behavioral change

Bergrivier municipality in South-Africa runs a programme called "Garbage and waste as an opportunity".

Garbage and waste as an opportunity

in South Africa

Witzenberg Municipality in South Africa focuses on waste management, waste reduction, composting and recycling.

Raising awareness is the key to sustainable waste management

in South Africa

There is a great need for better waste management in the municipalities of Bergrivier and Witzenberg. Human behavior plays a major role when it comes to wasre management. For example, raising awareness among citizens can ensure that waste is sorted better and that packaging and plastics are used more efficiently. Therefore, Els Compernolle went to South Africa to provide workshops on raising public awareness.

As the founder of HumanInsight, a training company where individuals and organisations learn to improve the effectiveness of how they work, based on insight in human thinking and behaviour, Els is the right person to execute this part of the project.




On October 23, a first workshop was held for a group of 22 people, dealing with "Application of behavioral insights in waste management". A day later, a second workshop took place for a smaller group. During this session, trainers were trained on behavioral insights. The workshops were received very positively by those present who now have a better understanding of how they can make their municipality aware of the importance of sound waste management!


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