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Inex supports Blessed Dairies


The dairy sector in Rwanda is important for the economic development of the country. The stable climate and good infrastructure make Rwanda an ideal country for dairy production. Today, Rwanda has 96 milk collection centers and more than 100,000 households keep dairy cattle. For these people, the Rwandan dairy industry often means a way out of poverty.

Milk kiosks in Kigali

In 2004, the Rwandan entrepreneur Milton Ngirente started with a small idea: he installed milk kiosks in various places in Kigali where he sold raw milk that he collected from farmers' cooperatives. Because of the high milk production and large milk surpluses, he saw the need in 2012 to start a small production unit for the processing of those extra surpluses. The dairy company Blessed Dairies was born! Thanks to the production of various milk products such as pasteurized milk, cream, mozzarella and yogurt, the surpluses were not lost and Blessed Dairies was able to create added value. Nevertheless, the dairy company is confronted with a number of challenges.

Belgian-Rwandan partnership

Inex, an established value in the Belgian dairy landscape, has had the idea of supporting a dairy project in Africa for over a long time. Through Exchange they came in contact with Blessed Dairies.

Managing director Cathérine Gilain-Pycke made a first visit to Blessed Dairies in August 2019 and Milton Ngirente traveled to Bavegem in October to see the impressive Inex production unit.

Inex has been experiencing sustainable growth for many years now and is strongly committed to innovation. Needless to say, Inex is thé ideal partner to guide Blessed Dairies in process optimization. In addition, the Flemish dairy producer will also support Blessed in the search for the right packaging and know-how regarding standardization of milk.


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