Entrepreneurship in Africa: Exchange's point of view

General manager Frank Foulon speaks

Exchange strongly believes in the potential and power of African entrepreneurship, without being blind to the big challenges entrepreneurs may face on the level of basic infrastructure, utilities, security and shortcomings in the business climate in general. These difficulties will gradually be lifted, in some Sub-Saharan countries even faster than ever being held possible. The African entrepreneurship will then emerge as a driver of a new economic force in the youngest, fastest-growing continent, endowed with the greatest natural resources of the planet.

Exchange, through its role in supporting private entrepreneurship in African countries, is proud to be a part of this process and, as a facilitator, to bring North and South together in order to help ensure the success of this dynamic growth. Our ability to connect directly at the level of the entrepreneur gives us the advantage to give practice on a small, but concrete level to the theoretical frameworks and models used by the major players, the ‘Strategic Development Goals’ (SDGs) and ‘global partnerships’. Exchange stands with the entrepreneurs, motivated, talented and full of energy, who will drive the development and progress of the economy.

Some of our readers, even supporting our organization, remain skeptical about the chances of success of our mission. We are aware of the difficulties and know that in the world of entrepreneurs, several failures might pave the way to a limited number of success stories. However, our belief is unaltered, the economic take-off of the continent will grow stronger every year and our niche of North-South cooperation will convince more and more partners, entrepreneurs and individuals of its potential.