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Volunteers execute expertise assignments at companies in Africa


As part of the 'Turning Waste Into Prosperity' program of Bergrivier municipality, Expert Myriam De Munter went to South Africa during the end of April. With her many years of experience at Vlaco, she is the right person to offer guidance on green composting within the program. This way we are already one step closer to a green and clean world! Thank you Myriam!

Bergrivier municipality in South-Africa runs a programme called "Garbage and waste as an opportunity".

Garbage and waste as an opportunity

in South Africa

ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

In 2016 Frank Louwers carried out an expertise assignment for Exchange in Uganda. 3 years later, the same IT company again approached Exchange with an expertise demand. Old feelings die hard, that's why Frank Louwers went to Uganda again in early April, this time as the program coach for ClinicMaster International!

April was a fully-packed month for Clo Willaerts. As programme coach for Quake Advertising, a communication agency in Kigali, she also payed a visit at furniture manufacturer Manumetal to offer them marketing assistance. Don't forget to sleep Clo!

Michel Bossaer will probably not forget this period soon either. As a technical expert, he spent 3 full months at Manumetal to help fine-tune their operational management. Hopefully he will find his way back to Belgium!

Manumetal is a furniture manufacturer in Rwanda aiming to enter the international market.

Sustainable growth with an eye on the international market

in Rwanda

Satemwa Tea Estate is a sustainable tea company in Malawi.

World: get ready for a delicious cup of tea from Malawi!

in Malawi

As programme coach, Lara Donners is thé inspiration behind the collaboration with Satemwa. In April, Lara traveled to Thyolo to further shape the innovation process together with her Malawian counterparts. As a recognized Four Sight facilitator, Lara set to work with the management team and production managers. Lara brought rubber bands and sticks because innovation means being creative! But Lara is now also known for her home-made Satemwa tea sweets, which are not only enjoyed in Belgium but also in Thyolo.

Noël Keersebilck took on the role of brand new programme coach for the Katikamu Poultry Cooperative in Uganda. With his extensive experience at REO auction, he prepared, together with the management of the cooperative, an action plan for the coming year. A focus on expertise sharing, solidarity and dedication are the cornerstone of the organization!

The Katikamu Poultry Co-operative (central Uganda) is pursuing fair trade by joining forces.

Stronger together for fair trade

in Uganda

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