Feed as an essential breeding element





The Katikamu Poultry Co-operative (central Uganda) is pursuing fair trade by joining forces.

Stronger together for fair trade

in Uganda

Not that long ago, chicken breeders in the Luwero region started an ambitious project. By setting up their own cooperative, the Katikamu Poultry Cooperative, they want to join forces and present themselves as one united group. This should significantly improve their position at the negotiating table.

The feasibility study that we carried out at the cooperative revealed some essential needs. For example, chicken breeders need extra expertise with regard to the breeding process and with regard to hygiene and vaccinations. But the greatest need is in the field of chicken feed.

André Mouton, who already knows many members of the cooperative, went on the field to assist the farmers in optimizing their chicken feed. Together with the cooperative, he calculated an optimal mix of ingredients and identified the right suppliers for these feed. Soon you will be able to order a tender and large chickens in the Luwero region!


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