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Alfred Mwase, the factory manager of Satemwa, is the key figure in the certification process of the company. As there are hardly any certified food companies in Malawi, local knowledge is minimal and learning opportunities are limited. Invited by Exchange vzw. and some Flemish partners, Alfred Mwase traveled to Flanders in November 2018 for an intense and versatile week of trainings.

Satemwa Tea Estate is a sustainable tea company in Malawi.

World: get ready for a delicious cup of tea from Malawi!

in Malawi

Alfred visited several Flemish companies who shared their good practices (Food Branding Division, Viva Sara Coffee, Stop Spices, het Grote Eiland) followed various coaching sessions provided by the Flemish Center for Quality Assurance and Exchange experts, took part in a business event of the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and visited various Satemwa customers. Being able to experience food safety in practice was more than inspiring for Alfred. Backed by these learning experiences and supported by personal ties with coaches, experts and business contacts, Alfred is returning to the complex Malawian context to further develop the certification process of Satemwa.


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