Manumetal is a furniture manufacturer in Rwanda aiming to enter the international market.

Sustainable growth with an eye on the international market

in Rwanda

Very soon after the preparation of the growth plan, it became clear to CEO Robert Bayigamba and coach Dominiek Dolphen that the mandatory relocation* of the production hall of Manumetal has to be financially planned and prepared. The mandatory move also brings investment opportunities. Exchange started searching for a financial expert with the necessary knowledge about investments and found it in the profile of Robert Myncke.

(* rf. The Rwandan government recently decided that all companies that are still located in the center of Kigali should move to the special economic zone)

Robert Myncke has years of experience as a manager: he was both operational and general manager, but in recent years he mainly gained knowledge as an interim & change manager in various production companies. His experience in financial analysis, auditing, project budgeting and investments make him the perfect person for this assignment.

FOCUS to make relocation possible

Soon Robert's financial analysis revealed that the move would be a financial sacrifice for Manumetal. That is why Robert Myncke, together with the management of Manumetal, drew up an action plan that would be implemented after the mission in order to create a healthy financial situation that should make the move possible in the medium term: among other things a restructuring of the personnel, a distribution plan of costs and a plan to increase sales by making extra effort on existing successful sales are part of this. The FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS on these three points is crucial to make the move financially possible!

High visitor

A few weeks before Robert M.'s departure, we received the enthusiastic message from Manumetal that no one else than Torbjörn Lööf, the CEO of Inter Ikea Group, would visit Manumetal. The planned intervention of our Exchange expert Robert could not be timed at a better moment. Robert Myncke helped the Manumetal management prepare for this visit and worked out a good pitch. The enthusiastic faces in the photo above are prove to a successful visit that the employees of Manumetal will not forget soon. Thumbs up for the whole team and Robert!


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