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Mozambikes is a bicycle manufacturer in Mozambique with a strong social ambition. With the help of bicycles, Mozambikes wants to make basic needs more accessible and thus fight poverty. Therefore, the company can certainly be seen as a social enterprise. Such a social enterprise is an enterprise that above all wants to work on a social challenge. In other words: mainly wants to generate 'social profit'. She does this by limiting a social problem or market failure, filling in a social need or challenge, and in an entrepreneurial, market-oriented manner. That is, by generating your own income and thus being self-sufficient.

Mozambikes wants to provide the poor in Mozambique with bikes.

Bike out of extreme poverty

in Mozambique

Professioneler inzetten op fundraising

Therefore, it was soon unanimously decided that fundraising would become one of the focus points of the growth programme. Gert-Jan Backx, former fundraising director at Broederlijk Delen, turned out to be the perfect person to join this growth programme. During an initial expertise assignment, he dedicated the Mozambikes team to the most important "tricks" of the fundraising profession. Together they drafted a fundraising plan for the first half of 2019 including different campaigns.


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