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After engaging in a tourism programme in Uganda, Exchange quickly agreed to do the same thing in Rwanda. Because of the great tourism potential in Rwanda, Exchange went looking for a suitable coach. We were happy to find Nadine De Weirdt who wanted to take up the challenges of becoming the coach. Nadine is a business consultant at the Flemish Agency of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Vlaio). Moreover, Nadine has coached a lot of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector and has worked closely with Flanders Tourism.

In the autumn of 2019 Nadine embarked on a plane to Kigali to meet all the tourism stakeholders and to listen intensively to their needs. A set of interviews and meetings followed with, among others, the Rwanda Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (RCWE), the University of Tourism, Technology and Business (UTB), Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Rwanda Hospitality Assocation, the Rwandan Tour and Travel Guides and the Tour operators. It was not an easy exercise because of the multiple stakehoders with all their different needs, but Nadine patiently took the time to listen to everybody.

Businesswomen as leading partner

It became evident that the Rwanda Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs would take up a leading role within the programme. Also the education sector, represented by the University of Tourism, Technology and Business (UTB) and Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School will be part of the programme.

Next to developing a programme plan with the partners, Nadine also shared her expertise in tourism with a focus on new trends in the sector en how you can implement this in your hotel or tourism company. It was a dynamic and refreshing workshop for many of the partners. It may not come as a surprise that Nadine was fully agreed upon by all the tourism partners as their new coach!

The Rwandan partners in tourism are excited to start with this programme together with their coach Nadine in 2020. We wish them a lot of success!


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