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Maarten Van Eynde, programme coach for mHub, traveled to Lilongwe in August 2018. As a civil engineer in business information systems and professionally active as business explorer for Bank Delen, Maarten combines in-depth IT knowledge with excellent business strategy skills. After extensive desk research and numerous skype and whatsapp calls with the mHub team, Maarten got the chance to work with them in real life for one intensive week. Maarten was impressed by the technical knowledge of the team. Moreover, Maarten is convinced that a company with such great minds has many opportunities for growth.

MHub focuses on developing the talents of young people in the technology secotr of Malawi.

Technology hub with outspoken social goals and a woman in charge

in Malawi

The result of that exciting intensive week?

  • The team is aligned about the goals and ambitions
  • A well-defined project scope
  • A realistic and feasible implementation plan

MHubs workplans for the coming years:

  • Business development
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Diversifying revenues

Maarten cannot wait to realize the next steps towards sustainable growth.


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