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Tradeline Corporation Ltd in Malawi is a social enterprise empowering SMEs in the agricultural sector with business development services, financial services and market access. In Malawi there has never been a structured and active market for fresh produce. The majority of Malawian fruit and vegetables are produced by smallholder farmers, with no or limited access to the formal markets. Which leads small farmers to see up to 25% of their harvest being lost and perished simply because they are not able to reach profitable markets. Although a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are locally produced the supermarkets keep importing them from south Africa because of the missing link between farmers and buyers. Tradeline is working hard to transform the supply chain for fresh food sales by setting up a market distribution centre for buying and selling of fresh produce under a cooperative structure. This will offer the smallholder farmers tremendous opportunities for growth. The market distribution centre will serve as an auction offering quality products to buyers and offering markets access to smallholder farmers and their cooperatives.

REO Veiling is a Flemish cooperative for farmers specialized in the auctioning of vegetables with over 75 years of experience. Thanks to the facilitation of Exchange a delegation of Tradeline had the chance to visit Flanders. REO Veiling prepared a week full of inspiring company visits to fully understand the advantages of setting up a cooperative vegetable auction. The REO member companies participating in the Exchange programme were enthusiastic to share their experiences and testimonies about being part of the cooperative auction.  Moreover, REO is dedicated to take up the mentorship of Tradeline in the future. A representative of REO Auction even greeted the Malawian delegation in Chichewa, that’s what we call a warm welcome!

Exchange will further facilitate the partnership between Tradeline and REO Veiling as they innovate the vegetable market and offer small farmers much needed chances for growth.


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