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Exchange and APEFE join forces!


In cooperation with APEFE, Exchange vzw organized a training on pattern drawing for teachers of a number of technical schools and employees of a number of tailoring companies. After an initial needs assessment, it quickly became clear that there was a great need for this type of training.

Among other things, conceptualization of garments, the elaboration of production and the organization of a small production chain were part of the training.

Exchange expert Chris Vijt was very satisfied with the efforts of the participants and had the opportunity to visit a few studios to get an insight of their production. "I greatly appreciate the efforts of the tailors and teachers, but additional training will be needed to strengthen the newly acquired skills so that they can also use them effectively in their workshops."

With this training, Exchange and APEFE want to help the Private Sector Federation to respond to the new policy 'Made in Rwanda' in which the Rwandan government wants to strengthen companies in its own local Rwandan production to make Rwanda less dependent on imports.

Business leader Jean Marie Vianney Ntirushwa of CENTER DODA NEZA Ltd. is very satisfied with this first training: “Thanks to the lessons from Chris, I now know the international sizes and norms regarding custom-made clothing. I also learned to save on the use of fabrics through specific pattern drawing methods. I can now make different models for different customers based on international standards instead of working tailor-made for each customer."

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