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Because accurate financial figures are crucial to monitor and steer any business, a thorough accounting reform was urgently needed for soy company Sesaco Ltd. in Uganda.

Accountant Eugène Nicolaes went on site with the task of implementing a solid structure that would allow the company to closely monitor its results in the future. When reliable financial data is available, it will be a lot easier for Sesaco's management to make the right decisions for the company.

During his 2-week stay in Uganda, Eugène worked closely with the General Manager and CEO of Sesaco. This close collaboration made it possible for Eugène to design a tailor-made accounting structure that was supported by management itself. It also offered him the opportunity to provide management with the necessary insights into the system so that they can fully exploit the benefits of the system from now on.

During his assignment, a new external accountant also started his work at the food company. The perfect opportunity to go through the freshly developed accounting structure with a "colleague" and adapt it even more to the needs of Sesaco. Eugene will continue to financially monitor the company from a distance in close contact with this accountant.

Both Sesaco and Eugène were very satisfied with the work delivered and the results! We are convinced that Eugène took a first important step towards the sustainable growth of Sesaco. Thank you Eugene!


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