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After an extended company analysis, a follow-up visit was organized aiming at analysing the evolution of Mozambikes’ business during the last 6 months. Prioritizing the short term points to further develop, brainstorming on the long term mission and making the contacts with a 1st potential cross border partner.

During his visit to Mozambikes, Exchange coach Marc Frederix, former chief Players & Markets officer at the National Lotery, designed a strategic growth plan for the social enterprise. This plan includes value proposals for Mozambikes’ growth and definition of priorities.

Mozambikes wants to provide the poor in Mozambique with bikes.

Bike out of extreme poverty

in Mozambique

Priorities for growth

These priorities comprise in 1st instance mainly MarCom actions in cooperation with external advertising agencies (Communication strategy, Website rework, Newsletter & social media, Company positioning, countrywide demo road trip).  Additionally, some commercial and Grant pitch presentations were analysed.  A technical training Program was set up,  as well as some new developments such as:

    • Bicycles for children
    • Training courses
    • Road Safety project Maputo

The 1st steps were made in view of a Cross border cooperation for bicycle assembling in Rwanda. Finally revolving fund opportunities from overseas were further worked out for Bike Taxi business funding in the city of Quelimane and the specific expertise needed from Exchange was defined to support the growth programme in the domain of communication.


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