More awareness and a coordinated approach to waste processing

Witzenberg Municipality in South Africa focuses on waste management, waste reduction, composting and recycling.

Raising awareness is the key to sustainable waste management

in South Africa

In august 2018, Bert Bortier was appointed coach for the Exchange growth programme Waste Management Witzenberg Municipality. In December 2018, Bert made his first visit to Witzenberg Municipality in the Western Cape province. The main objective of this Exchange growth programme is to build on the current twinning agreement with the municipality of Essen to further develop waste management in Witzenberg Municipality through an exchange of expertise between North and South. Bert went on site to achieve good coordination between both parties and to design a clear action plan.


There is a lot of overlap with our other waste processing program in South Africa. Here as well, GreenCape is called upon to get a clear view of the qualities and possibilities of the existing handling of waste and the processing of waste by private initiatives. This mission clarifies the objectives per phase of the program, determines the deliveries, identifies the stakeholders involved and determines the need for expertise and the specific contribution from Exchange and other actors. It is clear that more attention must be paid to more awareness and separation at the source. There is also a need for a more coordinated approach to enable the growth of the recycling sector in Witzenberg.


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