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Manumetal is a furniture manufacturer in Rwanda aiming to enter the international market.

Sustainable growth with an eye on the international market

in Rwanda

As in many African companies, Manumetal also has some attention points when it comes to operational management. The role of operational manager is often difficult to fulfill in Rwanda. Robert Bayigamba, CEO of Manumetal and Dominiek Dolphen, the programme coach, rightly wrote the need for good operational management in the action plan of the programme. Because operational management cannot be immediatly improved Exchange was looking for a volunteer who could assist Manumetal during a longer period of time. Luckily, we found the excellent candidate; Michel Bossaer. It turned out that Michel already has a deep knowledge about Rwandan company culture; he worked for nearly twenty years in various operational roles in Burundi and Rwanda. What a match!


From March to May Michel worked on the objective of fine-tuning the operational management of Manumetal. During the first few weeks, Michel took the necesarry time to get to know all the chefs d’ateliers well and to map the current way of working. Based on this, he and the managers prepared an action plan for improvement.

From April onwards this action plan was explained to the workers and implemented by the chefs d’atelier under the guidance of Michel.

In particular, the logistics of the company were brought into focus and improved upon. Michel also assisted the team in the development of a new system to keep track of the stock. Before, production often had to be stopped because materials were sometimes missing. In addition, a maintenance system was developed and a new maintenance team assembled. Error messages from machines are now being followed up more consistently and breakdowns are followed up more quickly so that production can continue without delays.

Thanks to Michel's insights and commitment, major steps have been taken. The chefs d'ateliers can now proudly say that the production keeps on running. This will undoubtedly have a major impact on Manumetal's revenue!


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