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During Jan Ghys' visit to ClinicMaster International, plenty of work was done on designing an ambitious and at the same time realistic strategy. One of the pillars within this strategy is to attract more customers and thus increase sales. Therefore, the next phase was fully focused on a better functioning of the sales process within the company.

ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

Exchange expert Jan Van Damme traveled to Kampala to assist ClincMaster in her sales process. Jan is active as a high potential within Intuo, a company that offers a digital HR platform to companies. Together with the management of ClinicMaster, Jan focused on recruiting an experienced sales manager. The recruitment of this professional will undoubtedly ensure that the company takes major steps in improving its sales figures. Furthermore, training sessions were provided for the current sales team and the sales process was optimized. The management and sales team already indicated that the assistance of our expert means a great help in approaching their new and current customers.

Thanks to this assistance, the Ugandan company will be better able to reach its target group in an effective and efficient way. The new sales structure should further ensure that the improvements are sustainable and will be further optimized in the future. For Jan it was certainly a enriching experience, he was even invited to join a bachelor party with one of the Ugandan employees!


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