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Software company ClinicMaster International has been operating successfully on the Ugandan market for several years now. For their current customers, their software package appears to be a major added value. That's why the company is convinced that it can still grow substantially in the future within the national and international African market. The first condition for achieving such growth is the design of a customized strategy.

ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

In the past, several efforts have been made to draft a solid strategy for ClinicMaster. The strategic plans, however, often turned out to be too academic, too complex and too far away from the reality.

Therefore, Exchange Expert Jan Ghys, who has a great deal of management experience in the IT sector, went to visit the company to design a feasible strategy with realistic targets. During his assignment in Kampala, Jan used the reverse engineering approach, which uses the the current situation as a starting point for the strategy.

Jan formulated clear recommendations for the management team and set realistic targets. These targets will provide tangible guidance for the team and also provide them with insight into the effective growth of the company. The strategy will mainly focus on increasing market size and revenue. A well-developed sales team and sales process are essential for this to happen. Therefore, our next expert is al ready ligning up to assist ClinicMaster in realizing its sales ambitions.



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