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The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) wants to professionalise the Ugandan tour operators.

Tour operators, the beating heart of Ugandan tourism

in Uganda

To lift the tourism sector in a certain country to a higher level, people often need an umbrella organization that takes up the challenge. The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) is one of them. Partly due to the central role that the tour operators play in Uganda, it was decided to let them act as main partner in the tourism program of Exchange in Uganda. Griet Geudens, tourism quality - sustainability consultant at Tourism Flanders, is the enthusiastic coach who will guide the program in the right direction.

Together with AUTO, Griet designed a growth plan that should make it possible to raise the association and its members to a higher level. Given the great dependency of the tour operators on other partners such as hoteliers and guides, it was decided to include these stakeholders in the story as well. This is how Griet came up with a step-by-step plan in which 3 major phases can be identified:

1. Professionalize AUTO: In the first phase, there is a strong focus on further professionalization of the association itself. A professional association is of major value for the members as it provides assistance, provides training and plays an important role in the lobby.

2. Professionalization of Tour Operators: During a 2nd phase, which runs in parallel with the other phases, the necessary trainings will be provided for the tour operators themselves. The series of trainings will follow each other in a logical way and also incorporate different facets of the job.

3. Cooperation with other stakeholders: In a third phase, important stakeholders of the tour operators are also involved in the program. In this way, the hotel sector will also receive the necessary training. The trainings will always take into account the alignment of their services with the needs of the tour operators.

For 2020, Uganda already tops the lists as a top destination for nature travelers!


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