Waste Ambassadors as a catalyst for waste processing

Bergrivier municipality in South-Africa runs a programme called "Garbage and waste as an opportunity".

Garbage and waste as an opportunity

in South Africa

In august 2018, Katia T’Joen was appointed coach for the Exchange growth programme Waste Management Bergrivier Municipality. In December 2018, Katia made her first visit to Bergrivier Municipality in the Western Cape province. The main objective of this Exchange growth programme is to build on the current twinning agreement with the municipality of Heist-op-den-Berg in order to further develop waste management in Bergrivier Municipality through an exchange of expertise between North and South. Katia was responsible for designing a clear plan to make waste management in the region more efficient and effective.


As a local partner, GreenCape is called in to get a clear view of the qualities and possibilities of the existing handling of waste and the processing of waste by private initiatives. In Bergrivier, awareness of separation at the source remains important. Special attention is paid to creating a consultation platform with Bergrivier Municipality, the Waste Ambassadors and the relevant SMMEs for waste (recyclers) as the main partners.


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