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Tourism sector most effected sector in Rwanda

It became clear quickly that the hotel and restaurant sector in Rwanda would be the most effected sector in Rwanda due to the COVID-19 crisis, especially when on the 20th of March all international commercial passenger flights from and to Rwanda where suspended. It was only on the 16th of June that international passenger flights were again allowed. Hotels and restaurants were forced to rethink their business model in order to survive.


Supporting strong women in the Rwandan hotel sector

in Rwanda

Webinars for the tourism sector in Rwanda

Our tourism partner in Rwanda, the Rwandan Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs, growth programme partner of Exchange since 2019, asked Exchange to speed up its support for their members. Instead of giving trainings locally, Exchange together with a team of top experts, launched a webinar programme for the members of RCWE on several topics. During July and August 4 webinars took place. Also students in hotel management from two Rwandan Universities were invited to join.

The series of webinars kicked off with a webinar of expert Filip Nicasi. Filip developed an Excel tool, specifically for hotels and restaurants, that allows hotel and restaurants owners to better align their operational decisions in order to have more profit.

A week later expert Dennis Cornelis shared all his secrets about the rules to prepare a good menu, according to the needs of the restaurant owner. He also focused on the possibilities of an online menu to avoid contamination with the coronavirus through menu cards.

In August expert An Winnepenninckx gave a webinar on channels to offer an hotel room. She shared all the ins and outs of the business models behind the different booking platforms, including all the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

At the end of August Filip Nicasi talked about the identity of an hotel and how you can decide on what hotel you want to be. How can an hotel be different from its competitors and what is needed to comply with the defined identity?

Later this month An Winnepenninckx will also give her second tourism webinar: participants to this webinar will be introduced into the main principles of revenue management. They will be shown simple tactics to stimulate demand in low periods and welcoming the most revenue generating guests in peak demand periods.

Participants to the webinars also had the possibility to request a 1-on-1 coaching session with the Exchange experts to raise questions they had related to their specific case or hotel. A truly added value for hotel owners eager to implement new insights.

Exchange, together with the Rwandan Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs, will now evaluate how we can reach more hotel and restaurants owners in the next few months. To be continued!


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