Derek Lakudzala

Some more about myself:

I have studies in different countries like Malawi, the UK and the US, India, Canada, Germany, Mauritius, South Africa and Zimbabwe. I worked for the Malawi civil service, the Malawi Institute of Management and now BUMAS International, a private consulting firm. My main areas include ICT and business strategy alignment, capacity building and IT project management. Moreover, I serve as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Integrated Technologies Limited (NITEL) and I also serve as the Malawi National Expert in the international network of National Eminent IT Experts of the World Summit Awards (WSA).

I have worked for Exchange as Local Representative in Malawi since 2008. Malawi has a very entrepreneurial mindset and therefore it is a real pleasure to work for Exchange.

Naturally I have a serious disposition with an intrinsic sense of humor. One true story illustrates this. At university I was campaigning for a students’ union position. Two independent rival groups emerged, each determined to de-campaign me and defeat my candidature.  Reason?  The first claimed that I was not serious enough. The second argued that I was too serious! I won the elections and not much has changed about me since.