As an African company

Are you an entrepreneur in one of our five focus countries in (primarily Sub-Saharan) Africa? Is your company working in one of our five priority sectors?

You want to take your company to the next level?

Maybe Exchange can help you with that!


Exchange focuses on companies with growth perspectives in Sub-Saharan Africa. By a companies with a growth perspective we mean a private company in a sector with local support of raw materials and knowledge, which has passed the start-up phase and offers a concrete product or service. In addition, the company must, through cooperation, be enthusiastic about improving its economic activity, realizing a capacity increase or diversifying its offer. In general, we are looking for scale-up companies rather than for real start-ups.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To start a growth programme, it is important that the activities of the SME do not cause any social or environmental damage. We even prefer to turn things around, and prefer to work with companies that have a positive impact and contribute to corporate social responsibility.

Afrikaans bedrijf

In short, if your African company is an ideal partner for an Exchange growth programme, please contact one of the Business Development Managers active in your region!