As a Belgian company

Partnerships? That is tailor-made sustainable business!

Innovating in a socially responsible way with a tangible positive impact? Make sustainability concrete as a company? Discover what a partnership can mean for your company! Together we write a sustainability story that will inspire employees, customers and stakeholders.

The added value of a partnership for your company!

A partnership has a positive impact on both your African partner and your own company. Our flexible approach allows you to build-up the partnership according to your personal wishes and needs. A partnership offers the opportunity to pursue a unique HR policy, to write a strong social story and to get to know a growth market from the front row!

How does a partnership work?

Exchange links you to an African company that meets your expectations. We guarantee an attractive match where recognition is high for staff, customers and stakeholders. Together with your partner you then build a sustainable partnership with added value for both parties. In this way you assist an ambitious company in Africa in its growth and at the same time strengthen the relationship with your own stakeholders! A real win-win!

Why partnerships?

Sustainable business means dealing consciously with the economic, ecological and social impact of your business activities on society. The concept is gaining importance from governments, customers, employees and the wider society and is increasingly becoming the standard for every company. Companies that contribute to a better society are also invariably rewarded for their efforts and experience positive effects on their employees and relationship with stakeholders.

Concrete interpretation of your partnership? Some options at a glance ..

You can build-up a partnership in many various ways. Exchange wants to respond as much as possible to the needs and requirements of your company and encourages you to bring your own ideas to the table. In this way we develop a tailor-made partnership with your own accents. The suggestions below will help you getting started!

Involve your staff in the partnership with an expertise assignment at your African partner or organise an internship for employees of your African partner company in Belgium, so they can learn from your experience and get to know your network. You can also work together with your employees on a project for the partner company in the South, building true team spirit. But concrete workshops or company events also provide the ideal opportunity to introduce your stakeholders, employees or partners to your work in Africa.

Exchange is always at your disposal to help shape and develop the partnership. Logistical and substantive support is provided in every possible way. In addition, Exchange ensures that professional communication material is available from the start so that you can put the partnership in the spotlight in an honest and appealing way.

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