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21 years of entrepreneurial experience in 19 different African countries. That's what makes Exchange the ideal partner for your business plans. Either as a Belgian company with ambitions in Africa or as an African entrepreneur with plans to raise your company to a higher level.

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Are you a Belgian entrepreneur with plans in Africa? Or are you an African entrepreneur and do you want to take your SME to the next level?

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Partnerships and co-creation

Exchange is no lone wolf. We go for co-creation. And for partnerships, where everyone operates on the basis of their strength. Exchange always works as a facilitator and bridge builder..
Our many years of experience in Africa provided us with an extensive and valuable professional network of companies, consultants, governments, NGOs and local partners. Both in Belgium as in Africa. Exchange looks for the most suitable partners for your plans in Africa!

eight focus countries - five sectors

Since 2018, Exchange has opted for focus. A focus on eight well-chosen countries in Africa where we could build strong local embedment. We see a great deal of potential for sustainable entrepreneurship in these focus countries.
In addition, we focus on five sectors that best fit into our way of operating and offer the best prospects for cooperation between Belgian and African companies. Sustainability, innovation and co-creation are keywords in the selection of the sectors.

Exchange as a companion with knowledge in Africa

Unlocking networks and making entrepreneurs familiar with the local entrepreneurial landscape: these are our most important assets. But over the years we have also built up very valuable knowledge in the focus countries. Knowledge that we collect in our Country Strategy Papers (CSP). These strategy papers contain specific documentation and information about the business climate on an SME scale in the various focus countries.


Exchange always works in the form of growth programmes for local SMEs. Belgian companies become partners in the growth process and offer their expertise to lift the local company to a higher level. But the collaboration is always based on reciprocity. A Belgian company is committed to the partnership in the form of expertise, personnel or financial support and in return gets a unique insight, experience and services in the African entrepreneurial world.

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Would you like to find out more about the African companies with which we are already cooperating and how we do that exactly? Or would you like to see which positions you, as a company or individual expert, can fill in our current growth programmes?

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