Knowledge centre

Knowledge building and sharing

The focus on five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa allows for an extra service to be developed for each of these five countries. In addition to the programme activities, Exchange also works on knowledge building and sharing related to doing business (on a SME scale) in the countries in question. By introducing a permanent South team in each of the focus countries, Exchange now has the possibility to carry out production oriented research and to explain the practical working of the business sectors selected.



As an organisation with expertise based on experience, Exchange can use its practical approach and research to draw up a strategy note ('country strategy paper') per focus country. The information itself is offered to interested parties from the North and South.

This ‘country strategy paper’ is a working document which is shaped by the relevant South team and its programme manager in the North.

Content of a CSP

  • An overview of the economic situation
  • The policy of the local government and international NGOs regarding private sector development
  • Description of the key sectors in the economy
  • Information on the business climate for SMEs

Content of a CSP

  • An analysis of private entrepreneurship in the selected sectors
  • Practical examples from past or current programmes and projects by Exchange
  • A clearly developed strategy for the functioning of Exchange in the country (with attention for synergy with other local and international actors).