Knowledge center

In addition to her growth programmes, Exchange can, thanks to the targeted focus, work on developing knowledge about entrepreneurship in eight African countries. Thanks to our local embedment in the focus countries, we collect valuable and practical information about African SMEs, which can be very useful for Belgian entrepreneurs with business ambitions in Africa.

Country Strategy Papers

Our expertise and experience in the field is bundled in Country Strategy Papers or strategy notes per focus country. The Country Strategy Papers are specially designed for Belgian companies that want to do business in Africa. The papers contain practical information about the business climate of the countries in question and about the opportunities and threats.

A strategy paper is, of course, a living document and is regularly updated by local representatives and programme managers.

Content of a CSP

  • An overview of the economic situation
  • The policies of local government and international NGOs on private sector development
  • Description of key economic sectors
  • Explanation of the business environment for SMEs
  • An analysis of private entrepreneurship in the chosen sectors
  • Case studies from Exchange programmes and projects implemented or running
  • A clearly developed strategy for the operation of Exchange in the country (with a focus on synergies with other local and international players)

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