What do we do exactly?

Growth programmes are always rooted in the local context, by involving relevant South expertise in the programmes. This because on the one hand, the specific local expertise is invaluable, and ensures an in-depth, rich knowledge sharing; on the other hand because it safeguards the knowledge sharing within the local context. This South engagement leads to partnerships with local knowledge centres and local consultants. It goes without saying that, when the expertise is affordably available in that country or a neighbouring country, a South-South collaboration will be established.

In the framework of the SDGs and more specifically, for mounting concrete initiatives around PS4D (Private Sector for Development), for each programme, Exchange strives to create a partnership with a company in the North. Exchange uses its network in the business world and stimulates contacts between companies in Belgium  and the South. North companies take on a role that is customised in the more in-depth programmes. This role is geared towards sharing expertise on the one hand, and financial support on the other.

We do this in 6 focus countries and 5 sectors.

Discover the 5 sectors:


Companies in North and South can turn to us for one of the following services:

Growth Program

Through our growth programs we work together with the South entrepreneurs in a sustainable way and for the long term

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Knowledge centre

With our years of experience we are the knowledge center par excellence around business in East Africa

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