Agro industry remains the sector par excellence in Sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of production, there are already many organizations active in the region. Yet there is still a huge agricultural potential that is not being fully exploited due to inefficiency. In Mozambique, for example, 90% of agricultural land remains uncultivated until today.

The sector is stagnating in many places. The main reason for this lies in the incorrect use of agricultural techniques, the lack of automation and innovation and knowledge sharing.

Exchange wants to grow rural agro-enterprises and let them discover the urban and national market through innovation and knowledge sharing. With export as the ultimate goal. With a view to export, Exchange also pays extra attention to the certification of production processes according to the quality standards of international bodies.

If we use all our strengths to achieve an efficient agro-industry that harnesses its full potential, Africa could by itself could soon feed the entire world population. Talk about a motivating idea!