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Africa is THE growth market of the future! Economic growth in Europe appears to be stagnating more and more, while major powers such as China and the USA are taking further protectionist measures. Countries in Africa, on the other hand, welcome foreign investors with open arms, while the market is far from saturated. A real opportunity for Business Growth!

The African market is characterized by opportunities and innovative developments. The growth figures are particularly impressive in East Africa, where Exchange has a large network of local contacts. Yet it is not easy to navigate this market as a European company. African culture attaches great importance to personal contacts and mutual trust. Not easy if you do not have a local network available and are operating remotly!

Exchange can help you!

Thanks to our local network and knowledge of the African market, we are able to support you in your African business plans. Exchange offers you all the services you would expect from other consulting firms, but with the all-important 'boots on the ground'!

  • Focus on eight African countries (Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Morocco, Ghana and Tanzania)
  • A professional local network
  • Experience with the Private Sector in Africa
  • Experience in guiding Belgian entrepreneurs on the African market
  • Market Research and Prospecting
  • Support in setting up your activities on site
  • Prospect travels to Africa
  • Assistance in building your local network

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