Ethical Fashion for Africa

Rwanda Clothing

Programme Coach
Liesbeth Verhelst
Expert Team
Sabine Janssens
Company partner
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Rwanda Clothing is a fashion brand that was founded in 2010 by Joselyne Umutoniwase. She started off with a small collection and aims at starting a fashion revolution by establishing an own Rwandan style and fashion identity. Joselyne has the ambition to produce high-quality products that will change the perception of fashion and the buying behavior of people in Rwanda and in the whole of Africa.

She also wants her brand to be an example for respecting ethical values and human dignity; each and every decision of the company must consider the consequences from an economic, social, cultural and ecological viewpoint and should contribute actively to the wellbeing and sustainable development of
the Rwandan community.

The becoming off..

In 2016 Rwanda Clothing got a first support of one of our Exchange experts: Nathalie Aerts gave a technical training in pattern design. In 2019 we re-established our collaboration with Rwanda Clothing. Exchange expert Liesbeth Verhelst, a handbag designer with a good network in the Belgian fashion industry, travelled to Rwanda to work on two things: she gave a technical training to Joselyne and her team on handbag design and also helped defining the technical needs of the company.


Based on Liesbeth's findings, Exchange and Rwanda Clothing will work together in a growth programme focusing on optimising several techniques that will help Joselyne to build up a high-end fashion and design brand. Expertise in lingerie will be provided, a training in printing on textile, a training in embroidery and beading, jewellery, shoe making and ceramics. Curious? Have a look at the different collections of Rwanda Clothing and discover the amazing Rwandan style!

First locally produced Rwandese lingerie

in Rwanda