How does your company make money?

It isn't just enough for a business to claim 'keeping customers happy' as their business mandate. That's why this building block is also important: it represents the cash, not the profit, that the business has flowed in, at present.


A basic condition for the survival of a business is the generation of income. The building block Revenue Streams indicates where your income will come from. If you know what your costs are and you have a good overview of where the money comes from, then you know the economy of your company. We can divide the Revenue Streams into 2 major categories: (1) Transaction Revenue and (2) Recurring Revenue.


In ourĀ Google Classroom we help you getting started. In addition to our videos, you will also find templates, extra case studies and useful references about the Revenue Stream. Do you want feedback from our experts after filling in the templates? That is also possible in our Classroom!