New communication and PR manager: Arno Vermeulen

Hi! Seeing as I will be the one to write many of these news and blog articles, it only made sense to introduce myself - in first person singular.

I am Arno, a twenty-something with a few years of professional experience as a corrector, content writer and marketeer under his belt. In the summer of ‘22 I decided to go freelance, now working independently as a copywriter, ghostwriter and corrector. I got to know Exchange through Wouter Danckaert, one of the indefatigable coaches who has worked on the economic development strategy in South Africa (Breedevalley). He put me in touch with director Frank Foulon; I had a few pleasant conversations with both him and his team, the rest is history.

Why Exchange?

As a freelancer I am bound to some degree of neutrality, but it is much better and more satisfying to be able to work for an organisation which you truly believe in. Exchange definitely fits that bill. Supporting entrepreneurship is something I learned a lot about from Wouter Danckaert at my previous job, so it is wonderful to see this mission applied in such a socially engaged organisation as Exchange. In the short time I have spent with Exchange, I have met nothing but professional, passionate and responsible people, and it is this passion and social responsibility that I admire and respect most. 

In any case, I am looking forward to supporting Exchange in all things communication,  meeting all these passionate people and adding my brick to the building of this beautiful organisation.

Do you have a question or remarks for me? Feel free to message me at