Mariam El-maamry

Mariam was born in the 1980’s and raised in Dar es Salaam, where she now lives with her husband and her three boys. Mariam believes that changes and innovations begin with individuals. For the last 5 years, Mariam has been supporting private sector and Industrial Development with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tanzania. She is passionate, positive, persistent, result-oriented and a hard worker in supporting growing entrepreneurs.

“I like to welcome new challenges that will make me learn more; develop myself and my skills in life.”

Mariam has an extensive background in health care management, policy and public health. She is a qualified coordinator to stimulate “strategic thinking”, motivating and facilitating constructive involvement of all parties combining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

With a bachelor degree in Industrial Relations and Masters Degree in Public Health, Mariam has been able to manage programs specific for private sector and industrial development in Tanzania. As BDM for Exchange vzw in Dar es Salaam, Mariam has started portraying her key roles in connecting key influential stakeholders and supporting the implementation of growth plans in Tanzania.

She greatly values team spirit and a strong company culture, always seeking self-development. Mariam lives her life by the can-do attitude and always feels proud to have a vital role in a company’s success and achievements.

Denis K.G. Kibuga

Born in 1984 in the beautiful village of Itunundu, Denis is the only male child of 5 children. He works in Arusha, his wife owns a business in Dar es Salaam. Denis is a specialist in business development, partnership and monitoring, evaluation and learning with over 10 years of experience working in different sectors with local and International NGOs. He started his professional career in the field of Business Development Services under the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility of the International Labor Organization (ILO), where he discovered his passion for the field of project and business Management.

Denis got in touch with Exchange through his contacts with Trias and didn’t think twice when he was offered the role of Tanzanian BDM. For Denis, this job is an opportunity not only to expand his network, but also to contribute to what Exchange envisions, bringing partnerships and job creation through the growing Tanzanian SMEs.

Beyond Exchange, Denis is supporting other private organizations through consultancies in survey assessments, data collection tools development, monitoring and evaluation, and impact studies, as well as project design and implementations.

In his free time, Denis loves watching football and is a fan of Manchester United and Dar Young African Sport Club of Tanzania. He is also a seasoned farmer, having experience in the paddies in his beautiful village.