Meet Johan Baes, our new CPM

We welcome Johan Baes as Country Portfolio Manager in Malawi. He is taking over from Johan Cottenie, who led Exchange's operations in Malawi to a high point.

Johan is an economist by training. After winning the Minister of Foreign Trade Prize in 1984, he went to Malaysia for 3 months to conduct a market study on Belgian export opportunities. Afterwards he worked, among other things, 10 years in an international position at Agfa-Gevaert and more than 20 years in telecommunications at Orange Belgium. After several long trips, including in Africa, the desire arose to establish international contacts once more. Johan is a passionate coordinator who likes to bring people together, which explains his choice to take on the role of Country Portfolio Manager. The modern approach to result-oriented development cooperation at Exchange particularly appeals to him. In March 2023, he had the opportunity to test this way of working with a feasibility study at the Red Cross of Rwanda. Meanwhile, he has already gained a lot of field knowledge in Malawi during a mission with Johan Cottenie, who will take him under his wing until the end of this year.

Johan is married and has 2 children who have already left the parental nest and are also exploring the world on their own. His free time goes to family, cycling, playing music and gardening.