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Programme Coach

Manages a growth programme from A to Z in the right direction

As a programme coach you voluntarily commit yourself for a longer-term process (between 2 to 4 years). You guide the programme from start to finish and adjust where necessary to ensure that the chances of success of the programme remain as high as possible.
You work closely with the programme manager of Exchange in Belgium.

Business expertise or technical knowledge of a certain sector is not expected from the programme coach. As a coach it is your task to identify which expertise is needed in which phase to helpt the SME grow. You also ensure that the cooperation continues to be healthy and dynamic and that it always remains to the advantage of the local SME entrepreneur.


  • You translate the ambitions of the local entrepreneur into a qualitative programme proposal with concrete phases and intermediate goals.
  • You clearly define the intermediate goals per phase with concrete deliverables, linked to the stakeholders involved.
  • You determine the needs in terms of material and expertise per phase and you also assess what the specific input from Exchange and other stakeholders should be.
  • You facilitate and manage the growth programme.
  • eight African countriesinform Exchange and other stakeholders about the progress of the programme.

Every year you visit your programme in Africa, where you work intensively with the local company for one to two weeks and help realize the set objectives through a process of co-creation.

A programme coach is primarily someone with a broad vision who supports all parties involved and keeps them motivated and is also motivated himself/herself to bring the programme to a successful finish. Do you recognize yourself in this? Sign up as a programme coach via!