Commercial agriculture for young farmers



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Malawi is a real agricultural nation. 80% of the population lives in rural areas en agriculture accounts for one third of the GDP and 90% of export earnings. The agricultural sector in Malawi is mostly small scale en hardly mechanized or industrialized. Most emerging entrepreneurs don’t see agriculture as an attractive sector.

Innovation and diversification

At the same time Malawian agriculture urgently needs innovation and diversification. Exactly what Acades tackles. The organization stimulates young entrepreneurs in agribusiness. Acades facilitates market access for young farmers, offers small loans, organizes events and trainings and founded the Green Innovation Center, an incubator for innovation in agriculture. Acades is a young organization that achieved a lot with limited resources and a small team. Its growth ambitions for the next years are challenging.


Acades wants to realize more market acces for young farmers and wants to convert its loan fund into a professional MFI. To professionalize Acades organizational capacities will be crucial. With elaborate coaching and by further developing and strengthening the current partnership between Acades en Groene Kring (the youth organization of the Belgian farmers union) Exchange will support Acades toward growth. To see more young farmers transforming Malawian agriculture, that’s a goal we believe in!