Technology hub with outspoken social goals and a woman in charge


Programme Coach
Maarten Van Eynde
Expert Team
Rik Michel
Yvan Rosseleer
Company partner
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MHub is a technology hub and business incubator in Lilongwe, Malawi. The company was founded in 2013 by Malawian tech-entrepreneur Rachel SibandeMHub stimulates technological entrepreneurs with training, competency development and mentoring. Through this, MHub aims to expand the ICT sector in Malawi and increase the employment opportunities across the country. The company has a very strong socio-economic profile and focuses on developing the talents of young people.  

MHub offers diverse services: 

  • Mentoring and incubation for tech start-ups; 
  • Organisation of hackathons and start-up courses; 
  • Partnerships with the business world and industry, aimed at the development of technological solutions; 
  • Software development. 

CISCO instructors and diverse revenue streams lead to high-quality growth

Well-trained professionals will be essential for setting up a market-oriented range of services. Trainers with internationally recognised certificates are of major added value for MHubEducated trainers may make the difference with the guiding of hackathons for younger people.  

As well as this, it is essential that MHub expands commercially. Only this way will it reduce its sensitivity to subsidies and gifts.  

There are two major benefits to a partnership between Exchange and MHub. Both the technological challenges (educated employees/trainers and an innovative and powerful offer) and the challenges in relation to business development (diversification of revenue streamsare being tackled, always with an eye on results.  

Concretely, this translates into the following goals for the growth programme:  

  • Certifying MHub trainers as CISCO trainers.
  • Developing high-quality and up-to-date technological services.
  • Guiding MHub in the commercialisation of their offer