High quality dairy products

Got milk?

Maddo Dairies is a dairy processing plant with about 30 employees, established in 2003. It is profiled as a social enterprise and is owned by the Catholic Diocese Masaka. Each day they receive 5,000 to 10,000 liters of raw milk, which is processed into pasteurized milk and yogurt at their factory. The raw milk is collected from farmer cooperatives and the company also has five collection centers where the milk is collected. The milk is processed in a newly built factory that has been in operation since December 2021. The goal of Maddo Dairies? To produce high-quality dairy products while improving the livelihood of local farmers.

The dairy company came to Exchange for the expertise needed to implement their strategic plan. With that plan, they want to increase revenue from various dairy products by training staff in product development, machine supervision, sales and marketing.

Specifically, Maddo Dairies wants to increase their milk production by 20% in the near future, increase sales through better marketing and branding, and develop a more diverse product offering. An initial mission by volunteer Jan Sysmans focused on establishing standards and procedures, working out quality systems and assisting in the start-up of equipment for ice cream and semi-skimmed milk.

Maddo Dairies has already made great strides in recent years and laid foundations for its further growth, which will undoubtedly be realized in the coming years.