Value Propositions

What is the Value of your Offering?

A product or service can be cool or innovative or beautiful, or even useful. But it only becomes a real business if your customers think that your company also delivers what it promises. Or as a wise man once said: Price is what you pay, value is what you get.


The Value Proposition is at the heart of what the company offers its customers. That is why it is the first building block you work on: it is the most important on the road to success for your company. You fulfill an expectation for your customer, you meet a specific need, you promote their interests. Therein lies your value to the customer, and they are happy to pay for it. What a product or service does for people can be functional, emotional or social.


In our Google Classroom we help you getting started. In addition to our videos, you will also find templates, extra case studies and useful references about the Value Proposition. Do you want feedback from our experts after filling in the templates? That is also possible in our Classroom!