The future export hub from Southeast Africa

Mozambique is known for its turbulent past. After her late independence from Portugal, her poverty reached the world's highest peaks, which only worsened in the next two decades with a civil war, inefficient socialist politics and economic mismanagement.

With a series of macroeconomic reforms, international economic support and political stability since the elections of 1994,  Mozambiques GDP jumped from $4 billion in 1993 to $37 billion in 2017.

70% of the Mozambican population lives in rural areas, rich in water, huge hydraulic energy potential, 400k m² of fertile land, many mineral sources as well as recently explored natural gas sources. Despite the double natural disaster in Central Mozambique in the beginning of 2019 (Ida and Kenneth cyclones), the country does not get caught. It is resolutely planning to make full use of its 3 deep-sea ports and relatively stable pool of labor to boost the local economy. The strong bond with neighboring South Africa, as well as the only sea link with landlocked Zimbabwe and Malawi, offers promising export prospects for Mozambique.

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