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At the end of last year our feasibility expert Robert Myncke travelled to Rwanda to screen het furniture company Wood Habitat.

Wood Habitat was founded by the young female entrepreneur Paradis Imfura. It all started with a very personal experience: when Paradis was expecting her first baby, she started looking for the perfect crib for her baby’s sweet dreams, but she couldn’t find a good quality crib. So instead, she contacted a local carpenter and spent three months working closely with the carpenter to create the perfect crib. That’s when Paradis discovered her passion for this craft. After her son was born, she enrolled for a wood crafting course. She now is the proud owner of this young promising company.

Creative designs with local materials

Paradis uses local materials and focuses on creative designs and quality details. Because she is very open towards a close collaboration with her customers, the demand for beautiful locally produced furniture keeps increasing.

In 2015 Wood Habitat started with its own wood workshop with a focus on custom made furniture designs. Recently Wood Habitat also started producing doors and interior accessories.

Wood Habitat provides jobs to 40 people and trains a big number of young people. At least 30% of its employees is in training. Trainees get offered a permanent contract after finishing their traineeship. Wood Habitat offers decent jobs: permanent employees receive several social advantages.

Robert was very impressed by the passion of Paradis and her enthusiastic team: young men and women that pursue high quality international standards with sustainability and conscious consumption.

We welcome Wood Habitat in our portfolio of African growth partners and look forward to the collaboration this year.


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