Inex, a family run dairy company with a sustainable vision shares its knowledge





For Exchange partners Kombeza Foods from Malawi and Blessed Dairies from Rwanda, 2020 kicked off with a bang. Both companies were given the opportunity to participate in a company internship at Inex.

Inex, producer of drinking milk, yogurt and cream, is a fourth-generation family business and a pioneer in sustainability. With an annual production of 240 million liters and more than 400 employees, this company represents a great social commitment. Inex has its own solar energy park, is working on reducing CO2, saving water and ecological transport. In addition, animal welfare is a priority with special attention to pasture milk. By monitoring the sustainability of its suppliers, Inex is also an inspirator and role model.

Assist our African companies with focus on knowledge exchange? Inex had no doubt and said yes to the challenge.

Kombeza Foods, a starting and fast-growing yogurt company from Malawi and Blessed Dairies, a well-known Rwandan dairy producer, experienced the work at Inex from the front row.

An inspiring combination of workshops on strategic business and marketing, quality policy, R&D, process optimization and production techniques was prepared by the Inex team. The African entrepreneurs attended the daily milk collection and received specific advice on machinery and factory design.

The Inex employees paid particular attention to the reality of dairy processing in Malawi and Rwanda and the difficulties that entrepreneurs face every day. They succeeded wonderfully in thinking along with our African entrepreneurs and offering tailor-made advice and coaching. A week full of genuine involvement where we could fully experience the Inex dynamic. Our special thanks to Catherine Gilain-Pycke, executive director, Peter Grugeon, managing director and the entire Inex team for their enthusiasm. And to Hilde Schuddinck from VOKA East Flanders for her guidance and coaching.


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