Local partnerships as a catalyst for growth





Manumetal is a furniture manufacturer in Rwanda aiming to enter the international market.

Sustainable growth with an eye on the international market

in Rwanda

Exchange supports the Rwandan company Manumétal through a long-term partnership. Manumétal is a furniture company that takes care of the entire value chain of its own furniture, from assembly to sales. Coach Dominiek Dolphen went to Kigali in August 2019 to strengthen and concretize some important partnerships with local partners. In addition to the partnerships, Dominiek also devoted the necessary time to train some of the staff on Quality Management. Technical expert Gert Van der Sypt accompanied Dominiek to Manumétal.

Gert provided technical support for management and staff. Among others, he was responsible for training a project manager within Manumetal and he collected technical information about the new land where the new factory hall of Manumétal will be located. This information can then be used by the Exchange expert who is responsible for the architecture of the new factory.


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