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With its lush forests and abundance of wildlife, it should come as no surprise that Uganda is booming in terms of tourism. The country experienced an increase of no less than 100,000 visitors in 2019 compared to 2018. The share of tourism in the gross domestic product is also significant at 7.7%. According to various reports, the sector creates more than 650,000 jobs (direct and indirect) in the country.

The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) wants to professionalise the Ugandan tour operators.

Tour operators, the beating heart of Ugandan tourism

in Uganda

Tour operators play a crucial role within the sector. They are the first point of contact for tourists and offer numerous additional services through their 'packages'. An example of such ancillary service is offering accommodation. That is why it is very important that the hotel sector also provides quality services to tourists. A bad experience in the hotel will also have negative consequences for the operators and for the sector in general. That is why the programme with AUTO also pays due attention to the hospitality sector.

To support the hospitality sector, it was decided to design a training program in which employees of different levels can learn important skills. For example, hotel managers, middle management and executive staff will be able to attend various workshops. To offer these training courses, Exchange will also collaborate with various local organizations such as UHOA and HOGMAU.

For our first training, it was decided to immerse the hotel managers in the themes "Financials in the Hospitality industry" and "Human Resources Management". Hospitality Expert Filip Nicasi provided this training that took place at the Eureka place Hotel in Kampala. The numerous attendance during all days of the multi-day training betrays the enthusiasm of the participants and the high level of Filip's training. The workshop was organized by HOGMAU with the support of the umbrella organisation UTB (Uganda Tourism Board).

The overwhelming success ensures that all partners believe even more in the proposed training program for the hospitality sector. More training will follow soon!


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