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The company Sesaco Ltd. produces soy products for the Ugandan market. It tries to combat malnutrition in the country by selling an adapted and affordable product portfolio. The products are eagerly sold in the Ugandan shops, but there is still a lot of room for growth within the company.

Sesaco fights malnutrition in Uganda with affordable food with a high nutritional value

Fight malnutrition with affordable food!

in Uganda

Brand new programme coach Robert Myncke went to the capital Kampala to join Sesaco Ltd. and to find out how, with the support of Exchange, the company can realize these growth opportunities. The support of two important partners, namely the European Union and IFAD, already increases the chance of success!, opens up additional opportunities for success!

A major opportunity can be found in increasing sales for the company. Various possibilities are being investigated, including diversifying the current range of products. The Ugandan market is far from saturated when it comes to soy products and Sesaco appears to have a very strong brand to serve this market even more in the future.

Putting financial management to good use and increasing efficiency within the plant of Sesaco are 2 other pillars of the growth programme. Sesaco has everything in its own hands to make this partnership, broadly supported by other parties, a great success and will work hand in hand with Robert to achieve this growth. Our experts will certainly not lack a good food when traveling to Uganda!


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